Douglas Lampett Hutchison

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M, #250, rb.1872, rd.1930


Father John Hutchison b.1833, d.1888
Mother Jannet Tweedie Kerr b.1837, d.1907


Registration of Birth 1872 in Orange, NSW, Australia. [1]
Registration of Death 31 October, 1930 in Peak Hill, NSW, Australia. [2][3]
Buried at Peak Hill, NSW, Australia[3]


Possibly married Elizabeth Rice in Ashfield, NSW, Australia, registered 1896.[4]
Jannett T.L. Hutchison, rb.1896
Annie M. Hutchison, rb.1899
William Eric George Hutchison, rb.1901, rd.1949
John Wesley Douglas Hutchison, rb.1900, rd.1952
Jessie R. Hutchinson, rb.1904
Joseph Kerr Hutchison, rb.1906, rd.1968
Edgar Keith Hutchison, rb.1909, rd.1977
Ronald Edward Hutchison, rd.1963


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